about resynthesizer for gimp

this week many people find out about resynthesizer for gimp, what is it? after i read the site that contains the resynthesizer gimp, i have some informations for you about this gimp plugins, check it out here!

Resynthesizer is a Gimp plugin for texture synthesis. Given a sample of a texture, it can create more of that texture. This has a surprising number of uses:

* Creating more of a texture
(including creation of tileable textures)

Texture sample Result

* Removing objects from images
(great for touching up photos)

* Creating themed images
(such as the Resynthesizer logo above)

if you want to download this gimp plugin (resynthesizer), you can go to the official site here

How to upgrade Gimp to 2.8 version on ubuntu

how to upgrade gimp 2.8
gimp 2.8 splash

if you installed Gimp 2.6 or 2.7 on Ubuntu, and you want to upgrade it to the newest version (2.8-stable), you can follow these instructions…







1. edit your sources.list by typing at terminal : Continue reading “How to upgrade Gimp to 2.8 version on ubuntu”

how to make an animation image in gimp??

how to make an animation image in gimp?i will show you the simple animation using GIMP-gap (if you haven’t install i, see the post here)

check the video bellow!

Gimp Flash text tutorial

Make simple Gradient text GIMP-2

This gimp tutorial is the sequel of Simple gradient text before, however, after read that tutorial maybe you confused…so aagimp will show you how to make it more simple than before.
1. make a new layer
2. press T on your keyboard (to make a text)
3. then go to layers and right click on your text layer
4. choose the Alpha to selection
5. then go to toolbar and find Gradient tool (or press L )
6. apply your gradient there….simple, isn’t it??IF you want to know more about this tutorial, check this video: