gimp tutorial : Realistic Flag 2 (amazing)

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relistic flag gimp tutorial

realistic flag gimp tutorial

hello guys,,,meet me again on gimp tutorial….i’m glad to share this amazing tutorial for you….about how to make realistic flag…in the previous tutorial, i show you the simple way to make realistic, i will show you..the secret of making realistic flag…it’s very simple guys….let’s do it..!!!
1. first, open your flag, i use indonesian (merah-putih) flag…of you want another, it’s up to you
2. make a new layer, then fill the layer with shadow effect using brush tool (P), and don’t forget, use black color
3. then go to filter>blur>gaussian blur
4. then on that layer, add an emboss effect with filter>distort>emboss
5. change the opacity number to 70
6. go to flag layer, and make displace effect using filter>map>displace like this
7. repeat step 6 five times by pressing Ctrl+F, and you will show the amazing effect like this

8. crop your image (Shift+C), then save your amazing flag

relistic flag gimp tutorial

realistic flag gimp tutorial

9. finish (^_^)


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